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Born: October 12, 1992, Union, Kentucky, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Actor

I didn't go to high school, so I don't have a high school experience. I was home-schooled during high school.
- Josh Hutcherson

I got my first tattoo when I was 16 years old and I went with my mom to get it done - she has a bunch too so we're tattoo buddies now.
- Josh Hutcherson

I like both athletic girls and girly girls. It depends on their personality. I like girls who can go out and play sports with me and throw the football around, but you don't want a girl who's too much tougher than you. I like brainy girls who can respond to what I'm saying.
- Josh Hutcherson

I love doing roles and movies that are different from each other.
- Josh Hutcherson

I play basketball probably four to five days a week when I'm back home.
- Josh Hutcherson

I play sports.
- Josh Hutcherson

I put on fifteen pounds of muscle, so that was a lot of eating chicken and a high protein, low-carb diet. Also a lot of heavy lifting and a very different kind of training with an ex-navy SEAL guy who wanted to kill me every time I got with him. In a good way.
- Josh Hutcherson

I'm a big romantic, traditional, cheesy guy.
- Josh Hutcherson

In all honesty I think that I've had a very normal life, even though I've been making movies since I was 9.
- Josh Hutcherson

It's cool to play a vampire and be a part of this new, hot genre.
- Josh Hutcherson

The way I look at it, movies are a different medium for storytelling than books.
- Josh Hutcherson

There's definitely a large fan base for the 'Twilight' and 'Harry Potter' movies that need their next fix.
- Josh Hutcherson

We've seen some insane signs: 'Is that a loaf of bread in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?' Funny stuff along those lines. Very original. One just said, 'I will do unspeakable things.' I thought that was very interesting - and mildly terrifying!
- Josh Hutcherson

Well, food's always the way to anybody's heart, I think, guy or girl.
- Josh Hutcherson

Well, getting behind the camera is something I've always wanted to get involved with. Ever since I was doing movies like 'Zathura' I was very interested in all the different jobs on set and kind of soaking all the information up like a sponge.
- Josh Hutcherson

When you get to play a character that's in love, it's cool.
- Josh Hutcherson

Working with amazing people, you continue to learn and develop yourself, as an actor and as a person.
- Josh Hutcherson

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