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Born: October 24, 1943, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico
Birth Country: Puerto Rico
Occupation: Politician

In a country with an overabundance of food, no one should go hungry because of a lack of funds or technical and professional knowledge. We have the food, and we have the networks we now need to support the providers.
- Jose Serrano

The government can still conduct clandestine searches of innocent people's private information such as library, medical, and financial records. This is wrong and should have been addressed in a true compromise.
- Jose Serrano

Under the leadership of this President, the state of the union is not strong. We are being pulled apart rather than pulling together. Our democracy is suffering from the choices being made, and yet we are offered the same tired excuses and unrealistic analyses.
- Jose Serrano

We must make immigration a legal, orderly process to eliminate this issue, not further criminalize it.
- Jose Serrano

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