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Born: October 8, 1720,
Birth Country:
Died: , July 9, 1766
Occupation: Author

But let us remember, at the same time, government is sacred, and not to be trifled with.
- Jonathan Mayhew

I now add, farther, that the apostle's argument is so far from proving it to be the duty of people to obey, and submit to, such rulers as act in contradiction to the public good, and so to the design of their office, that it proves the direct contrary.
- Jonathan Mayhew

It is our happiness to live under the government of a PRINCE who is satisfied with ruling according to law as every other good prince will - We enjoy under his administration all the liberty that is proper and expedient for us.
- Jonathan Mayhew

There are others who aim at popularity under the disguise of patriotism.
- Jonathan Mayhew

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