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Born: January 18, 1971, Bakersfield, California, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Music artist

At first I was queasy I'll never forget the sound of the scalpel cutting a body open. But it was so cool trying to work out how these people died.
- Jonathan Davis

I don't believe in organized religion - I dealt with them hand in hand, and a whole bunch of Catholic priests tried to molest me. Telling me I was gay and I should go home with them and stuff.
- Jonathan Davis

I don't know the true meaning of happiness.
- Jonathan Davis

I don't like painting flowers in my music. I like painting guts and pain.
- Jonathan Davis

I got problems. I freak out, go to a shrink, go through all kinds of therapy and stuff, but I'm learning how to deal with it. That's why I've chosen one hour a night to get all of my aggressions out. to really tell the world the way I feel.
- Jonathan Davis

I like reading Ball Tongue lyrics and all that stuff. And they published a book, and I wouldn't give my lyrics, and it's all wrong in the book, and I giggle. It's funny.
- Jonathan Davis

I've been a fan of electronic music since the beginning.
- Jonathan Davis

I've been on Prozac for 12 years and I'm off it now. I know what it feels like to be excited and sad again. I haven't felt like this in 12 years I'm like a giddy little kid.
- Jonathan Davis

It is quite annoying that we have to change the sound we invented just to avoid sounding like people who simply copy us, but... it is flattering and of course challenging.
- Jonathan Davis

It seems like a lot of music today is so churned out and simple.
- Jonathan Davis

It's really cool to see glowsticks at the show, to see dance music culture infiltrating and becoming one with the metal community.
- Jonathan Davis

Some people are desperately looking for scapegoats, they just don't want to see the truth!
- Jonathan Davis

The kids out there want something they can relate to, something that's real most of that whiny stuff isn't real. The cheesy pop songs just bore me to death.
- Jonathan Davis

The music industry can make you feel like a prostitute.
- Jonathan Davis

We're not trying to change the world just music.
- Jonathan Davis

When I listen to music, I don't want to hear about flowers. I like death and destruction.
- Jonathan Davis

When you live on the road, going home is a place to escape and just be with your family to unwind.
- Jonathan Davis

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