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Born: February 19, 1965, Philadelphia, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Music artist

But I do think that we approach music, in of itself, with a religious attitude.
- Jon Fishman

For me from a pretty young age up until about 21 years old hallucinogenics had a huge place in my life.
- Jon Fishman

I think that generally music should be a positive thing, I like Bob Marley's attitude: he said that his goal in life was to single handedly fight all the evil in the world with nothing but music, and when he went to a place he didn't go to play, he went to conquer.
- Jon Fishman

Madonna is a pro. I don't like her and have no respect for her but- I don't think she should be called a musician or a dancer or whatever you know, but I do have, well I do have respect for her ability to completely manipulate the media and have them work for her.
- Jon Fishman

When I go on stage man I just want people to have fun, I don't want people to think about their problems, I want people to get energy and nutrition and food from that so they can go back into the real world and work on their problems.
- Jon Fishman

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