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Born: September 29, 1942, New York, New York
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Organization leader

Having photographed the landscape for a number of years and specifically working with trees and in the forest I found, without consciously thinking about it, that it was a great learning experience for me in terms of organizing elements.
- John Sexton

I support any procedure that allows photographers to express themselves, whether that involves color, black and white, platinum, palladium and digital technology.
- John Sexton

In my mind I needed a symbol of today's technology, and I realized that what I wanted to photograph was the Space Shuttle. And so that's where Places of Power came into being.
- John Sexton

It was amazing to watch him in the darkroom at an advanced age, still get excited when the results were pleasing. He still struggled like we all do in the darkroom and he struggled behind the camera, and when he had a success he was beaming.
- John Sexton

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