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Born: April 26, 1785, Les Cayes, Haiti
Birth Country: Haiti
Died: Manhattan, New York, USA, January 27, 1851
Occupation: Artist, Naturalist, Painter, Ornithologist

After all, I long to be in America again, nay, if I can go home to return no more to Europe, it seems to me that I shall ever enjoy more peace of mind, and even Physical comfort than I can meet with in any portion of the world beside.
- John James Audubon

Hunting, fishing, drawing, and music occupied my every moment. Cares I knew not, and cared naught about them.
- John James Audubon

If I can procure three hundred good substantial names of persons, or bodies, or institutions, I cannot fail to do well for my family, although I must abandon my life to its success, and undergo many sad perplexities and perhaps never see again my own beloved America.
- John James Audubon

To have been torn from the study would have been as death my time was entirely occupied with art.
- John James Audubon

Would it be possible that I should not in any degree succeed? I can scarcely think so. Ah delusive hope, how much further wilt thou lead me?
- John James Audubon

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