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Born: September 19, 1974, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Comedian

Everyone looks so much better when they smile.
- Jimmy Fallon

I like video games, I like tech, I like being positive.
- Jimmy Fallon

I sing in the car if I'm in LA, because you're like soundproofed.
- Jimmy Fallon

I was into the Mets because my Dad worked at IBM where he got free Mets tickets, so I was into the Mets... then I got to 'Saturday Night Live' where my boss has unbelievable N.Y. Yankees tickets, so he invites us to the games. I'm going to all the games, so I might as well root for the team I'm gonna go sit with.
- Jimmy Fallon

I'm on so late I'm definitely the last seconds of anyone's attention. So I just want to give them something dumb to laugh at, so they go, 'That's funny,' then fall asleep.
- Jimmy Fallon

If you're a sports fan you realize that when you meet somebody, like a girlfriend, they kind of have to root for your team. They don't have a choice.
- Jimmy Fallon

Leno, Conan. They are both really funny. They really know how to land one.
- Jimmy Fallon

My parents were kind of over protective people. Me and my sister had to play in the backyard all the time. They bought us bikes for Christmas but wouldn't let us ride in the street, we had to ride in the backyard. Another Christmas, my dad got me a basketball hoop and put it in the middle of the lawn! You can't dribble on grass.
- Jimmy Fallon

Politics is pop. Our job as comedians - especially me, as a late-night talk show, which is a broader audience - is to amplify what we think America is thinking.
- Jimmy Fallon

Researches tested a new form of medical marijuana that treats pain but doesn't get the user high, prompting patients who need medical marijuana to declare, 'Thank you?'
- Jimmy Fallon

The one thing you shouldn't do is try to tell a cab driver how to get somewhere.
- Jimmy Fallon

We had the guys from X Men 2 do the cameras. They had a 360 camera that would go from one car, up in the air and over to another car in a continuous shot while the film was still rolling, going 90 mph.
- Jimmy Fallon

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