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Born: December 25, 1946, Pascagoula, Mississippi, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Music artist

Humor has bailed me out of more tight situations than I can think of. If you go with your instincts and keep your humor, creativity follows. With luck, success comes, too.
- Jimmy Buffett

I hate to mention age, but I come from an era when we weren't consumed by technology and television.
- Jimmy Buffett

I'm inspired by people who keep on rolling, no matter their age.
- Jimmy Buffett

The stores and the things like that, the business side of things came out at the point when, I'd say probably in the early '70s, it looked like the year of the singer-songwriter was over, 'cause music changed in our time and the spotlight was out.
- Jimmy Buffett

There's something missing in the music industry today... and it's music. Songs you hear don't last, it's just product fed to you by the industry.
- Jimmy Buffett

Wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been.
- Jimmy Buffett

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