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Born: January 2, 1940, Muskegon, Michigan, USA
Birth Country: USA

God's forgiveness is the only thing. And, well, I take full responsibility for the adultery. It was my fault and, you know, no matter what went on, the man has to take responsibility and I do.
- Jim Bakker

I started out by believing God for a newer car than the one I was driving. I started out believing God for a nicer apartment than I had. Then I moved up.
- Jim Bakker

Oh, I was never a businessman. I was a visionary, a dreamer.
- Jim Bakker

They put chains on me they chained my waist, my legs. Put me in the back of a squad car, and I literally blacked out. I didn't even - there's whole pieces missing.
- Jim Bakker

When you put your total faith in God, no matter what happens, to a person who's a true believer, if you die, you know you're going to heaven to be with God.
- Jim Bakker

You can't fake it when you're alone with God, you know.
- Jim Bakker

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