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Born: March 28, 1970, De Ridder, Louisiana, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Author

I don't write literary fiction - I write books that are entertaining, but are also, I hope, well-constructed and thoughtful and funny and have things to say about men and women and families and children and life in America today.
- Jennifer Weiner

I'm not cut out to be a famous person I can't do my hair and makeup well enough.
- Jennifer Weiner

Money is a tremendous advantage in just about everything, but in terms of reproduction, if you're a poor woman and you are infertile, it's like too bad, so sad. And if you are a wealthy woman, you can kind of buy whatever you want.
- Jennifer Weiner

People say I'm not good at writing about men. My dad left when I was 16. Give me a break. I'm doing the best I can.
- Jennifer Weiner

The difference between people who believe they have books inside of them and those who actually write books is sheer cussed persistence - the ability to make yourself work at your craft, every day - the belief, even in the face of obstacles, that you've got something worth saying.
- Jennifer Weiner

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