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Born: December 1, 1985, Kansas City, Kansas, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Music artist

I believe it's time that women truly owned their superpowers and used their beauty and strength to change the world around them.
- Janelle Monae

I believe that imagination inspires nations. It's something that I live by.
- Janelle Monae

I won't sit here and say I've never had a pimple, but I try to have a really great diet, you know, lots of vegetables and fish. And I think stress plays a huge part too.
- Janelle Monae

People in my family and camp who grew up listening to rap music love 'We Are Young.' I've heard it play at weddings. I've heard it in graduation parties. It's a big idea and big song.
- Janelle Monae

Some songs you get. Some songs you may not. And I think that's the beauty of art: to question and to ask, to understand the deeper meaning after two or three or four listenings.
- Janelle Monae

When I got into the music industry, I wasn't focused on being the most famous artist or even getting a major record deal. It was just to make music on my own terms or create my own image, do my own hair, do my own makeup.
- Janelle Monae

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