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Born: March 12, 1948, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Music artist

I believe 100 percent in the power and importance of music.
- James Taylor

I don't read music. I don't write it. So I wander around on the guitar until something starts to present itself.
- James Taylor

I know there are people who don't like their audience or like the experience of being recognized or celebrated, but my audience has been very good - they don't bother me and when they do contact me it's usually on the nicest possible terms.
- James Taylor

I'm glad about what's happening to the music business. This last crop of people we had in the 90s, who are going away now, they didn't like music. They didn't trust musicians. They wanted something else from it.
- James Taylor

I'm very unstable there's no stability in a musician's life at all. You live on a bus or on the road hand to mouth and you don't know where your money's coming from.
- James Taylor

If you think my music is sentimental and self-absorbed, I agree with you.
- James Taylor

It's probably foolish to expect relationships to go on forever and to say that because something only lasts 10 years, it's a failure.
- James Taylor

Music is like a huge release of tension.
- James Taylor

Music is my living. I enjoy selling my music.
- James Taylor

People should watch out for three things: avoid a major addiction, don't get so deeply into debt that it controls your life, and don't start a family before you're ready to settle down.
- James Taylor

Performing is a profound experience, at least for me.
- James Taylor

Performing is a profound experience, at least for me. It's not as if I sit down and play 'Fire and Rain' by myself, just to hear it again. But to offer it up... the energy that it somehow summons live takes me right back, and I do get a reconnection to the emotions.
- James Taylor

Sobering up was responsible for breaking up my marriage. That's what it couldn't stand.
- James Taylor

That's the motivation of an artist - to seek attention of some kind.
- James Taylor

Though 'Fire and Rain' is very personal, for other people it resonates as a sort of commonly held experience... And that's what happens with me. I write things for personal reasons, and then in some cases it... can be a shared experience.
- James Taylor

Time will take your money, but money won't buy time.
- James Taylor

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