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Born: August 2, 1949, Philadelphia, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Author

A basic rule of life for reporters is that you should spend your time talking with and learning about people who are not sending you press releases, rather than those who are.
- James Fallows

Always write angry letters to your enemies. Never mail them.
- James Fallows

Environmental disaster is the gravest threat to China's continued development. That's according to me, but it is not some wacko view.
- James Fallows

Over the eons I've been a fan of, and sucker for, each latest automated system to 'simplify' and 'bring order to' my life. Very early on this led me to the beautiful-and-doomed Lotus Agenda for my DOS computers, and Actioneer for the early Palm.
- James Fallows

The demise of Google Reader, if logical, is a reminder of how far we've come from the cuddly old 'I'm Feeling Lucky' Google days, in which there was a foreseeably-astonishing delight in the way Google's evolving design tricks anticipated what users would like.
- James Fallows

The hoary joke in the literary world, based on 'Dreams From My Father,' was that if things had worked out differently for Barack Obama, he could have made it as a writer.
- James Fallows

There's no longer any surprise in noting that China has grave environmental problems.
- James Fallows

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