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Born: June 15, 1963, Los Angeles, California, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Actor

I do eat well. I try to love my body. That is what I tell my daughter. I say, 'Love every bite of food. Love your body. We're all going to be dead soon.' Actually I don't say that last thing to her.
- Helen Hunt

I know for me the subject of how to be in a relationship is precious and complicated and challenging.
- Helen Hunt

I wanted to have a personal life that I fully inhabited, not because I am such a great mom, but for me.
- Helen Hunt

Movie acting is a great job for your twenties: You travel all over, you have affairs with people, and you throw yourself into one part and then another. It gets more challenging as you get older, and it's not just having a daughter, it's wanting to have your own life and be yourself.
- Helen Hunt

The best movies have one sentence that they're exploring, a thesis, something that people can argue about over dinner afterward.
- Helen Hunt

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