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Born: August 31, 1960, Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon
Birth Country: Lebanon
Occupation: Military, Militant, Hezbullah leader
Religion: Islam Ideology: Islam

However, there is no legal and legitimate state called Israel.
- Hassan Nasrallah

In man - in the history of mankind, this has happened many times, and occupation leaders hang on to the land that they're occupying. People fight to liberate their land. But in the end, the people's will is what achieves victory.
- Hassan Nasrallah

That is why if Lebanon concludes a peace agreement with Israel and brings that accord to the Parliament our deputies will reject it Hezbollah refuses any conciliation with Israel in principle.
- Hassan Nasrallah

What is being talked about now is the probability of the Sharon government launching an attack against Lebanon to eliminate the resistance of Hezbollah by using the American war against Iraq. But, of course, in this case, we will certainly fight with all our strength.
- Hassan Nasrallah

When a peace agreement is concluded between the Lebanese government and Israel, we would surely disagree with the Lebanese government about that, but we would not make any turmoil out of it.
- Hassan Nasrallah

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