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Born: May 10, 1878, Berlin, Germany
Birth Country: Germany
Died: Berlin, Germany, October 3, 1929
Occupation: Politician

For the victor peace means the preservation of the position of power which he has secured. For the vanquished it means resigning himself to the position left to him.
- Gustav Stresemann

If one seeks to analyze experiences and reactions to the first postwar years, I hope one may say without being accused of bias that it is easier for the victor than for the vanquished to advocate peace.
- Gustav Stresemann

In every man the memory of the struggles and the heroes of the past is alive. But these memories are not incompatible with the desire for peace in the future.
- Gustav Stresemann

The concept of active cooperation has taken the place of opposition to the new form of government and of dreamy resignation entranced with the beauty of times past.
- Gustav Stresemann

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