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Born: September 18, 1905, Stockholm, Sweden
Birth Country: Sweden
Died: New York City, New York, USA, April 15, 1990
Occupation: Actor, Actress

Anyone who has a continuous smile on his face conceals a toughness that is almost frightening.
- Greta Garbo

Being a movie star, and this applies to all of them, means being looked at from every possible direction. You are never left at peace, you're just fair game.
- Greta Garbo

I never said, 'I want to be alone.' I only said, 'I want to be left alone.' There is all the difference.
- Greta Garbo

I want to be alone.
- Greta Garbo

Your joys and sorrows. You can never tell them. You cheapen the inside of yourself if you do tell them.
- Greta Garbo

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