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Born: November 18, 1906, New York City, New York, USA
Birth Country: USA
Died: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, April 12, 1997
Occupation: Academic

All War Departments are now Defense Departments. This is all part of the doubletalk of our time. The aggressor is always on the other side.
- George Wald

Science goes from question to question big questions, and little, tentative answers. The questions as they age grow ever broader, the answers are seen to be more limited.
- George Wald

The concept of war crimes is an American invention.
- George Wald

The Nobel Prize is an honor unique in the world in having found its way into the hearts and minds of simple people everywhere. It casts a light of peace and reason upon us all and for that I am especially grateful.
- George Wald

There is nothing worth having that can he obtained by nuclear war - nothing material or ideological - no tradition that it can defend. It is utterly self-defeating.
- George Wald

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