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Born: 1918-04-29,
Birth Country:
Died: , 1990-12-31

Each of us has been put on earth with the ability to do something well. We cheat ourselves and the world if we don't use that ability as best we can.
- George Allen, Sr.

Forget the past - the future will give you plenty to worry about.
- George Allen, Sr.

One of the most difficult things everyone has to learn is that for your entire life you must keep fighting and adjusting if you hope to survive. No matter who you are or what your position is you must keep fighting for whatever it is you desire to achieve.
- George Allen, Sr.

People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don't know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to.
- George Allen, Sr.

Success is what you do with your ability. It's how you use your talent.
- George Allen, Sr.

Winning is the science of being totally prepared.
- George Allen, Sr.

Work hard, stay positive, and get up early. It's the best part of the day.
- George Allen, Sr.

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