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Born: October 18, 1984, Bombay, Maharashtra, India [now Mumbai, Maharashtra, India]
Birth Country: India
Occupation: Actor

Having grown up in Bombay, from the day you're born, you have absolute freedom to choose who you want to be.
- Freida Pinto

I guess confidence is the only thing that I take from project to project, but I'm always open to learning everybody's style - the director, the actor I'm working with.
- Freida Pinto

I keep saying I'm not at all famous in my own country, because people do not think I have done anything for India.
- Freida Pinto

I'd like to jump out of a plane. I have a fear of heights I'd like to face.
- Freida Pinto

In terms of romantic films, all-time romantic films, I really like 'Gone With the Wind.' And I realize I sound so cliched saying that, but there's something so absolutely romantic about it.
- Freida Pinto

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