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Born: July 5, 1980, Paris, France
Birth Country: France
Occupation: Actor

I am a dreamer. Seriously, I'm living on another planet.
- Eva Green

I want to travel. Maybe I'll end up living in Norway, making cakes.
- Eva Green

I was very studious, too much. I would never go out at weekends. I was very serious. You should have seen me in class - I was blushing and sweating every time the teacher asked me something.
- Eva Green

I'm French, so I'm quite lazy about exercising, and I smoke. But I do love going for a run in the morning with my dog. That's all.
- Eva Green

I'm not really involved with politics... I'm living in my cocoon with my classical music around.
- Eva Green

I'm worried because of my mother, she's going to see my performance and she's quite hard. She's going to see me naked. And my Dad, woah. Yeah, they're going to see me like a woman, you know?
- Eva Green

Success is very ephemeral. You depend entirely on the desire of others, which makes it difficult to relax.
- Eva Green

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