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Born: August 8, 1921, Inglewood, California, USA
Birth Country: USA
Died: Beverly Hills, California, USA, June 6, 2013
Occupation: Actor

By the time I got home at night, my eyes were so chlorinated I saw rings around every light.
- Esther Williams

I think it's so funny when people think they can't control a movie star. They can. We're just women, you know.
- Esther Williams

Life magazine ran a page featuring me and three other girls that was clearly the precursor of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues.
- Esther Williams

Marriage to Fernando offered shelter and security, but the shackle was the price I'd pay.
- Esther Williams

My training in Science of Mind had begun with my mother. She took me to a different church every Sunday, and she encouraged me to question the minister afterward.
- Esther Williams

Somehow I kept my head above water. I relied on the discipline, character, and strength that I had started to develop as that little girl in her first swimming pool.
- Esther Williams

The newspapers loved pinup pictures of pretty young swimmers, and as a national champion, I got more than my share of space in the sports pages.
- Esther Williams

The wisdom acquired with the passage of time is a useless gift unless you share it.
- Esther Williams

Three events. Three gold medals. I was news, big news, in the sports world.
- Esther Williams

What the public expects and what is healthy for an individual are two very different things.
- Esther Williams

When you're out of sight for as long as I was, there's a funny feeling of betrayal that comes over people when they see you again.
- Esther Williams

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