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Born: November 24, 1954, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia
Birth Country: Yugoslavia
Occupation: Director

I've been around some very famous people, but no one has the effect Maradona has people tremble in his presence.
- Emir Kusturica

My purpose is to make a movie to make you warm. To give you some heat. Now, this rational world has become a place where only what is cool is good. Do you cut the movie on the basis of the beat of modernity or the basis of the beat of your own heart?
- Emir Kusturica

That is a Medieval way of drawing history, in which they do not respect the law and want the rest of the world to respect the law. That's not possible.
- Emir Kusturica

What you have now is a Hollywood that is pure poison. Hollywood was a central place in the history of art in the 20th century: it was human idealism preserved. And then, like any great place, it collapsed, and it collapsed into the most awful machinery in the world.
- Emir Kusturica

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