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Born: July 31, 1967, New York City, New York, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Author

Age is a terrible avenger. The lessons of life give you so much to work with, but by the time you've got all this great wisdom, you don't get to be young anymore.
- Elizabeth Wurtzel

All I do is go to the movies.
- Elizabeth Wurtzel

I start to think there really is no cure for depression, that happiness is an ongoing battle, and I wonder if it isn't one I'll have to fight for as long as I live. I wonder if it's worth it.
- Elizabeth Wurtzel

I was meant to date the captain of the football team, I was going to be on a romantic excursion every Saturday night, I was destined to be collecting corsages from every boy in town before prom, accepting such floral offerings like competing sacrifices to a Delphic goddess.
- Elizabeth Wurtzel

In life, single women are the most vulnerable adults. In movies, they are given imaginary power.
- Elizabeth Wurtzel

It was just very interesting to me that certain types of women inspire people's imagination, and all of them were very difficult women.
- Elizabeth Wurtzel

My imagination, my ability to understand the way love and people grow over time, how passion can surprise and renew, utterly failed me.
- Elizabeth Wurtzel

Sometimes I wish that there were a way to let people know that just because I live in a world without rules, and in a life that is lawless, doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt so bad the morning after.
- Elizabeth Wurtzel

The American Dream, coupled with government subsidies of utilities and cheap consumer goods courtesy of slave labour somewhere else, has kept the poor huddled masses from rising up.
- Elizabeth Wurtzel

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