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Born: August 1, 1961, Browns Mills, New Jersey, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Politician

But I think there was a sense amongst the House Republicans especially that we didn't just want to be opposed to Bill Clinton that we wanted to tell the country what we were for and to brand ourselves in a more positive manner.
- Ed Gillespie

I accept people for who they are and love them. That doesn't mean I have to agree or that I have to turn my back on the tenets of my faith and reject the tenets of my faith when it comes to homosexuality.
- Ed Gillespie

I think Karl Rove saw that in George W. Bush early on and understood the impact that he could have on Texas politics and probably on national politics.
- Ed Gillespie

If Ralph Nader runs, President Bush is going to be re-elected, and if Ralph Nader doesn't run, President Bush is going to be re-elected. We're going to run on the president's strong and principled leadership and his positive agenda for a second term.
- Ed Gillespie

On the other side, I do believe that the rhetoric we are seeing from the Democrats today is unprecedented, is a new low in presidential politics and goes beyond political discourse and amounts to political hate speech.
- Ed Gillespie

People like passion in politics.
- Ed Gillespie

Politics swings like a pendulum.
- Ed Gillespie

So I think that our foreign policy, the president's strong and principled leadership when it comes to the war against terror and foreign policy is going to be an asset.
- Ed Gillespie

When you were a volunteer for the Bush-Cheney campaign, you came in the morning you had a supervisor who gave you a list of calls to make and a time to do it in.
- Ed Gillespie

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