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Born: October 14, 1882, New York City, New York, USA
Birth Country: USA
Died: Dublin, Ireland, August 29, 1975
Occupation: Politician

God has been pleased to save us during the years of war that have already passed. We pray that He may be pleased to save us to the end. But we must do our part.
- Eamon de Valera

If there is to be any hope of prosperity for this country it is by reversing that policy which made us simply the kitchen garden for supplying the British with cheap food.
- Eamon de Valera

Mr. Churchill is proud of Britain's stand alone, after France had fallen and before America entered the War.
- Eamon de Valera

Since this war began our sympathy has gone out to all the suffering people who have been dragged into it. Further hundreds of millions have become involved since I spoke at Limerick fortnight ago.
- Eamon de Valera

The part which American friendship played in helping us to win the freedom we enjoy in this part of Ireland has been gratefully recognized and acknowledged by our people.
- Eamon de Valera

When we have done our best, we can, as a united people, take whatever may befall with calm courage and confidence that this old nation will survive and if death should come to many of us, death is not the end.
- Eamon de Valera

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