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Born: June 18, 1953,
Birth Country:
Occupation: Organization founder

Being in the design industry, I've tended to meet more people who are affected by HIV and AIDS.
- Douglas Wilson

I gave the couple a hint of a design that would work great with the bones of their home. They weren't ready for it, and they embarrassed themselves and that's too bad.
- Douglas Wilson

I look at each episode in two ways - from a design standpoint and from an entertainment standpoint - this is TV, after all. We usually succeed on at least one of the levels.
- Douglas Wilson

I'm opinionated. I always stick to my design plan. I don't waver.
- Douglas Wilson

In two days, it's hard to to get the quality you would normally want for a design project.
- Douglas Wilson

Throughout the country, I see the same design problems and solutions over and over.
- Douglas Wilson

Use plants to bring life.
- Douglas Wilson

Yeah, I spent about 20 years in a dorm room. It took me a while to graduate.
- Douglas Wilson

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