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Born: April 8, 1942, Los Angeles, California, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Director

I honestly believe that the next big leap in immersive technology will be very much like Brainstorm.
- Douglas Trumbull

IBM was the original contractor for much of the computer interface design on the film.
- Douglas Trumbull

My particular aesthetic of light and color and design wouldn't change as a result of working with computer graphics rather than with slit scan or miniatures.
- Douglas Trumbull

The technology of the time dictated the way things looked.
- Douglas Trumbull

There were IBM logos designed for the film, and there were IBM design consultants working with Kubrick on the layout of the controls and computer screens.
- Douglas Trumbull

There's a consistency in my work that pops up independent of the limitations of the technology.
- Douglas Trumbull

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