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Born: 1935-12-25,
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Also note that invariably when we design something that can be used by those with disabilities, we often make it better for everyone.
- Donald Norman

And to get real work experience, you need a job, and most jobs will require you to have had either real work experience or a graduate degree.
- Donald Norman

Beauty and brains, pleasure and usability - they should go hand in hand.
- Donald Norman

I prefer design by experts - by people who know what they are doing.
- Donald Norman

I think there is a tendency in science to measure what is measurable and to decide that what you cannot measure must be uninteresting.
- Donald Norman

I've been looking at the iPod- the Apple iPod. One of the interesting things about the iPod, one of the things that people love most about it is not the technology it's the box it comes in.
- Donald Norman

In my opinion, no single design is apt to be optimal for everyone.
- Donald Norman

Isn't one of your first exercises in learning how to communicate to write a description of how to tie your shoelaces? The point being that it's basically impossible to use text to show that.
- Donald Norman

It is relatively easy to design for the perfect cases, when everything goes right, or when all the information required is available in proper format.
- Donald Norman

Readers always seem to think that the author has some control over the design of their books.
- Donald Norman

So what does a good teacher do? Create tension - but just the right amount.
- Donald Norman

User-centered design means working with your users all throughout the project.
- Donald Norman

We expert teachers know that motivation and emotional impact are what matter.
- Donald Norman

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