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Born: June 2, 1978, Greenwich, London, England, UK
Birth Country: UK
Occupation: Actor

Any son of a dictator, I'm sure, has major issues with their relationship with their father.
- Dominic Cooper

I had a really creative teacher at primary school. He used to get us doing things such as singing Spandau Ballet in drag in the choir, and I remember loving it.
- Dominic Cooper

I stupidly ignored education completely. I found it dull and I preferred to cause chaos and have fun. I regret this massively now.
- Dominic Cooper

I suppose there's an anger in all of us. Some hidden rage that you keep at bay.
- Dominic Cooper

The people in Iraq lived essentially good lives. They had brilliant health and education systems. Saddam actually created an incredible infrastructure in a very difficult country, but they were a Mafia family. If you said anything against that regime or that family you would be killed instantly.
- Dominic Cooper

You never know really what anyone thinks about you - that's why all my closest friends are ones I've had since my schooling days when I was 5. And I surround myself with people who I trust and who know me.
- Dominic Cooper

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