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Born: May 17, 1935, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England, UK
Birth Country: UK
Died: Ross-on-Wye, England, UK, June 7, 1994
Occupation: TV writer

Children can write poetry and then, unless they're poets, they stop when reach puberty.
- Dennis Potter

Religion, you can't a handle on it, you just have to know or not know-people either believe or they don't believe.
- Dennis Potter

The knowledge that we have about what it is to be human that we have as a child is something we necessarily must lose.
- Dennis Potter

The strangest thing that human speech and human writing can do is create a metaphor. That is an amazing leap, is it not?
- Dennis Potter

The thing about imagination is that by the very act of putting it down, there must be some truth in one's own imagination.
- Dennis Potter

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