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Born: 460 BC,
Birth Country:
Died: , 370 BC
Occupation: Democritus -   CachedDemocritus. Born: c. 460 BC Birthplace: Abdera, Thrace Died: c. 370 BC Cause of death: unspecified. Gender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Occupation: Philosopher ...

Do not trust all men, but trust men of worth the former course is silly, the latter a mark of prudence.
- Democritus

Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.
- Democritus

Hope of ill gain is the beginning of loss.
- Democritus

Men should strive to think much and know little.
- Democritus

Raising children is an uncertain thing success is reached only after a life of battle and worry.
- Democritus

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