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Born: November 9, 1984, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Birth Country: Australia
Occupation: Composer

Anybody who has gone through a life-changing experience will tell you there is a different understanding of what is real and what is important, and when you are going through different moments, you can reflect and go, 'I have been through worse.'
- Delta Goodrem

I don't think I've ever been moulded but I think I am always learning.
- Delta Goodrem

I'm thankful for my songs being at the top of the charts but I am human - I think people still have to remember that.
- Delta Goodrem

Sport was my absolute love. It was very sporty household. We had my - my brother and I both loved sports.
- Delta Goodrem

The second album was emotionally exhausting and my life felt like it had become very serious at a very young age.
- Delta Goodrem

When I do get the chance I just love to hang around at home with friends and family.
- Delta Goodrem

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