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Born: September 18, 1951, Fort Lee, Virginia, USA
Birth Country: USA
Died: Los Angeles, California, USA, June 5, 2002
Occupation: Music artist

I got tired of the Ramones around the time I quit and I really got into rap. I thought it was the new punk rock. LL Cool J was my biggest idol.
- Dee Dee Ramone

I like the guitar better these days. I like the bass, too, but it's hard to fit a bass amp in a small car.
- Dee Dee Ramone

I started listening to and playing other music in the '90s. It was after hearing other bands, like Bad Religion, cover Ramones songs that I started to like our songs again.
- Dee Dee Ramone

It was sad when Sid Vicious died... I was freaked out when Phil Lynott died from Thin Lizzy. I cried. It was too crazy.
- Dee Dee Ramone

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