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Born: November 2, 1966, Astoria, New York, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Actor

Being generous or doing things for others actually makes me feel good so I don't do it because I hope karma will come round and get me and I'll benefit from it.
- David Schwimmer

I came from a family where I felt great pressure to be financially successful, and I felt that staying in Chicago and doing theater, I was, in all likelihood, not going to find financial success.
- David Schwimmer

I find America falling in love with a TV show flattering and interesting, but at the same time a little sad.
- David Schwimmer

If I were given a choice between two films and one was dark and explored depraved, troubled or sick aspects of our culture, I would always opt for that over the next romantic comedy.
- David Schwimmer

London is completely unpredictable when it comes to weather. You'll start a scene, and it's a beautiful morning. You get there at 6 in the morning, set up, you start the scene, start shooting. Three hours later, it is pitch black and rainy.
- David Schwimmer

My advice would be to write what is most personal and specific to your experience or your life. And your voice will emerge and because of its specificity, it will be universal.
- David Schwimmer

To be perfectly honest, I feel I have a duty to use my celebrity status in a positive way.
- David Schwimmer

With the success of the last three or so years, when a lot of people start treating you differently, there's a danger that you may start to think of yourself differently. You rely on your friends to say, 'Hey, wake up!'
- David Schwimmer

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