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Born: November 30, 1947, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Movie writer

Always tell the truth - it's the easiest thing to remember.
- David Mamet

I understand that computers, which I once believed to be but a hermaphrodite typewriter-cum-filing cabinet, offer the cyber literate increased ability to communicate. I do not think this is altogether a bad thing, however it may appear on the surface.
- David Mamet

I'm not the guy to ask about politics. I'm a gag writer.
- David Mamet

If, indeed, a firearm were more dangerous to its possessors than to potential aggressors, would it not make sense for the government to arm all criminals, and let them accidentally shoot themselves? Is this absurd? Yes, and yet the government, of course, is arming criminals.
- David Mamet

In my family, in the days prior to television, we liked to while away the evenings by making ourselves miserable, solely based on our ability to speak the language viciously.
- David Mamet

In practice we, in the world, must do business with each other.
- David Mamet

It is not the constitutional prerogative of the Government to determine needs.
- David Mamet

It's upsetting to be a man in our society.
- David Mamet

Liberalism is a religion. Its tenets cannot be proved, its capacity for waste and destruction demonstrated. But it affords a feeling of spiritual rectitude at little or no cost.
- David Mamet

Movies were never an art form, they were entertainment. It just evolved into an art form from there, and it's still evolving in different ways.
- David Mamet

My greatest fear is that the audience will beat me to the punch line.
- David Mamet

My idea of perfect happiness is a healthy family, peace between nations, and all the critics die.
- David Mamet

Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance.
- David Mamet

One person may need (or want) more leisure, another more work one more adventure, another more security, and so on. It is this diversity that makes a country, indeed a state, a city, a church, or a family, healthy. 'One-size-fits-all,' and that size determined by the State has a name, and that name is 'slavery.'
- David Mamet

Policemen so cherish their status as keepers of the peace and protectors of the public that they have occasionally been known to beat to death those citizens or groups who question that status.
- David Mamet

The Founders recognized that Government is quite literally a necessary evil, that there must be opposition, between its various branches, and between political parties, for these are the only ways to temper the individual's greed for power and the electorates' desires for peace by submission to coercion or blandishment.
- David Mamet

The government, for example, has determined that black people (somehow) have fewer abilities than white people, and, so, must be given certain preferences. Anyone acquainted with both black and white people knows this assessment is not only absurd but monstrous. And yet it is the law.
- David Mamet

The product of the artist has become less important than the fact of the artist. We wish to absorb this person. We wish to devour someone who has experienced the tragic. In our society this person is much more important than anything he might create.
- David Mamet

There's nothing in the world more silent than the telephone the morning after everybody pans your play. It won't ring from room service your mother won't be calling you. If the phone has not rung by 8 in the morning, you're dead.
- David Mamet

When the three branches of government have failed to represent the citizenry and the mass of the media has failed to represent the citizenry, then the citizenry better represent the citizenry.
- David Mamet

You know, young actors say all the time, 'Should I use my own life experience?' And my response is, 'What choice do you have?'
- David Mamet

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