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Born: January 10, 1939, Forest Hills, New York, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Author

A university is not a political party, and an education is not an indoctrination.
- David Horowitz

As a result of America's efforts to realize the ideals of equality and freedom, blacks in America are now the freest and richest black people anywhere on the face of the earth including all of the nations that are ruled by blacks.
- David Horowitz

If we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday at a time of presidential inaugurals, this is thanks to Ronald Reagan who created the holiday, and not to the Democratic Congress of the Carter years, which rejected it.
- David Horowitz

We can trust our doctors to be professional, to minister equally to their patients without regard to their political or religious beliefs. But we can no longer trust our professors to do the same.
- David Horowitz

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