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Born: January 23, 1862, Königsberg, Germany
Birth Country: Germany
Died: Göttingen, Germany, February 14, 1943
Occupation: Academic, Mathematician

Galileo was no idiot. Only an idiot could believe that science requires martyrdom - that may be necessary in religion, but in time a scientific result will establish itself.
- David Hilbert

How thoroughly it is ingrained in mathematical science that every real advance goes hand in hand with the invention of sharper tools and simpler methods which, at the same time, assist in understanding earlier theories and in casting aside some more complicated developments.
- David Hilbert

If one were to bring ten of the wisest men in the world together and ask them what was the most stupid thing in existence, they would not be able to discover anything so stupid as astrology.
- David Hilbert

Mathematical science is in my opinion an indivisible whole, an organism whose vitality is conditioned upon the connection of its parts.
- David Hilbert

The further a mathematical theory is developed, the more harmoniously and uniformly does its construction proceed, and unsuspected relations are disclosed between hitherto separated branches of the science.
- David Hilbert

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