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Born: June 30, 1960, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Birth Country: Canada
Occupation: Author

I'm a latecomer to the environmental issue, which for years seemed to me like an excuse for more government regulation. But I can see that in rich societies, voters are paying less attention to economic issues and more to issues of the spirit, including the environment.
- David Frum

Look, the media are trapped by changes in the technology and business of their industry.
- David Frum

My mom was truly an iconic figure, a great journalist and a pioneering woman who died at 54 of cancer without ever having revealed to viewers that she was ill.
- David Frum

So if I have two pieces of cake, do I have twice as good an experience as the first piece of cake? One of the things I've found in life is that the first piece of cake is the best.
- David Frum

To balance China, the democracies will need new friends - and India with its fast-growing economy, youthful population, and democratic politics seems the obvious candidate.
- David Frum

We, as conservative intellectuals, should not be in the business of making excuses for bad parliamentary decisions by Republican leaders in Congress.
- David Frum

Whenever you discuss politics, it is always better to use individual names rather then the term neocon.
- David Frum

Why should we not expect self-designated environmental leaders to practice what they preach?
- David Frum

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