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Born: 1950-08-29, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
Birth Country: USA

As a former cop, I respect and appreciate those who've dedicated their lives to serving others as well as those who appreciate the rule of law and honor it.
- Dave Reichert

At a family's most difficult time, I want to make sure at a minimum that they have the very basic of comforts: the ability to grieve their loss privately and the knowledge that their country is grateful for their loved one's sacrifice and service.
- Dave Reichert

Congress has an obligation to protect our country's natural beauty, embodied in our nation's parks, rivers, and breathtaking landscapes.
- Dave Reichert

Ensuring Americans have access to adequate medical care should be a priority for all of us.
- Dave Reichert

I have faith the men and women of the Coast Guard will immediately rise to the challenge and see the people hit by Katrina through until the storm has truly calmed.
- Dave Reichert

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