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Born: 1965-01-18, Queens, New York, US, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Comedian, Writer

For a long time the people at my shows were sort of the Pantera-tattoo trucker guys, really cool dudes, but I don't know what happened to them. That's the crowd that I like, the ones that don't get so offended just to be offended.
- Dave Attell

I don't watch reality TV. I'm cool.
- Dave Attell

I get recognized, but I'm not really a famous famous.
- Dave Attell

I have an imagination because my life is so boring that my imagination lets me get off the reality of what's going on.
- Dave Attell

I never wanted to be famous.
- Dave Attell

I'm not a movie guy, I'm not a TV sitcom guy, but whatever seems to fit and is funny is good for me.
- Dave Attell

You know, men and women are a lot alike in certain situations. Like when they're both on fire - they're exactly alike.
- Dave Attell

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