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Born: October 28, 1962, Berkeley, California, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Actor

I have learned the art of filling in your lines with your visuals and your movies and your imagination.
- Daphne Zuniga

I started dating older men, and I would fall in love with them. I thought they could teach me about life.
- Daphne Zuniga

I stopped dating for six months a year ago. Dating requires a lot of energy and focus.
- Daphne Zuniga

My mom was sarcastic about men. She would tell me Adam was the rough draft and Eve was the final product. She was a feminist minister, an earth mom who wore a bra only on Sundays.
- Daphne Zuniga

You don't have to save the world, but you can be in the world-that's where the beauty comes from.
- Daphne Zuniga

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