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Born: December 29, 1976, Statesboro, Georgia, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: TV producer

Confidence and a good sense of humor can usually win a chick over.
- Danny McBride

I had a classic gym teacher in junior high who wore a weightlifter's belt all the time.
- Danny McBride

In my school, people liked the gym teachers because they were the football or soccer coaches. But look, if they're cool, they get respect.
- Danny McBride

It's awesome to see something like 'Inception', which is just mind-blowing and amazing, and it actually resonates with the audiences. I feel like that's rare.
- Danny McBride

Jody Hill, who I created 'Eastbound And Down' and 'Fist Foot Way' with, was my best man at my wedding.
- Danny McBride

You know, a lot of those angry sort of Southern man characters that I've been doing are based on different people I might've had as, like, a soccer coach or as a teacher.
- Danny McBride

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