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Born: November 10, 1960, Fall River Mills, California
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Football coach

I can't wait to start something up myself that is actually about giving unsigned bands the exposure they deserve, especially when they travel so far to play the smallest gig they've ever played in their lives.
- Dan Hawkins

We're real people and we're a band that's been playing on the scene for a long time. We've made a lot of friends, and one enemy we've always had was the NME. They've always basically slated us and they've basically never ever written about the music.
- Dan Hawkins

We've got a long career ahead of us and it's going to be great. Trust me.
- Dan Hawkins

You can muck around with different guitars for certain bits, but you have to have your own sound. That's your benchmark, that's your sound. I also play a Black Beauty. It sounds amazing.
- Dan Hawkins

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