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Born: March 24, 1982, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: #27, RF, Seattle Mariners

'Truth Will Set U Free' is about honesty. My philosophic belief that ultimately being true to yourself is liberating, with every individual's inalienable right to be who they are without fear or recrimination.
- Corey Hart

I needed to step away from music because the truth was I couldn't be the dad I wanted to be to my kids. My truth was that I could not reconcile the two worlds - the entertainment world and being the dad I wanted to be in the present. You can't substitute time, you just can't.
- Corey Hart

I think you can learn as much from success as you can from failure.
- Corey Hart

My idea of a romantic night is to watch action films.
- Corey Hart

This may sound strange but I had dreams as a kid of doing exactly what I ended up doing in my life.
- Corey Hart

Truthfully, I'm still Corey Hart, Dad, first.
- Corey Hart

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