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Born: October 18, 1945, Stamford, Connecticut, USA
Birth Country: USA
Occupation: Former Member of Congress

I believe that stress is a factor in any bad health.
- Christopher Shays

I think that some of our soldiers die in the battlefield and some come home to bad health and die prematurely, just by the nature of the kind of business they're in.
- Christopher Shays

It's hard for me to imagine that some people in the CIA who had firsthand knowledge would be unable to recognize that this would be helpful information for a soldier's death.
- Christopher Shays

What we know from World War I is that some of our troops had acute symptoms of exposure to chemicals, had bad health and died because of chemical exposure in World War I.
- Christopher Shays

Yes, there is a story about Agent Orange, and we knew that it harmed our troops and we knew how long it was to get the medical community to accept that, the military to accept it, the VA to accept it.
- Christopher Shays

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