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Born: February 16, 1964, Salford, Lancashire, England, UK
Birth Country: UK
Occupation: Actor

I know exactly where I've come from, I know exactly who my mum and dad are.
- Christopher Eccleston

I think theatre is by far the most rewarding experience for an actor. You get 4 weeks to rehearse your character and then at 7:30 pm you start acting and nobody stops you, acting with your entire soul.
- Christopher Eccleston

Often as a child you see someone with a learning disability or Down's Syndrome and my mum and dad were always very quick to explain exactly what was going on and to be in their own way inclusive and welcoming.
- Christopher Eccleston

The film is about Joe discovering who his mother and father are and his relationship with them, and the identity crisis he goes through once he finds out who his parents are.
- Christopher Eccleston

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