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Born: November 25, 1959, Inverness, Scotland, UK
Birth Country: UK
Occupation: Politician

Courage is a peculiar kind of fear.
- Charles Kennedy

Further Education should be about the ability to learn, not the ability to pay - everyone who is able should have the opportunity, regardless of their family background. I don't want to see students struggling with huge debts or frightened off even going to university in the first place.
- Charles Kennedy

I am genuinely not an over-the-top kind of person about politics or anything else.
- Charles Kennedy

I believe that access to a university education should be based on the ability to learn, not what people can afford. I think there is no more nauseating a sight than politicians pulling up the ladder of opportunity behind them.
- Charles Kennedy

I should do something about the cigarettes I quite accept that it's bad for your health, but you know a moderate tipple is positively beneficial and, at certain times, absolutely essential.
- Charles Kennedy

I want to see far more decisions taken far closer to the patients, the passengers and the pupils. Far more power for locally and regionally elected politicians who understand best the needs of their areas. And far more say too for the dedicated staff at all levels in health and education.
- Charles Kennedy

Immigrants provide skills that we simply cannot afford to do without. They have contributed hugely to Britain's success.
- Charles Kennedy

Music and politics are in essence about communication. Without over-stretching the analogy I do feel a sense of rhythm is important in getting your message across.
- Charles Kennedy

My health is good and it's up to me to keep it that way.
- Charles Kennedy

Politics is much too serious to be taken too seriously equally, there are many aspects of it so laughable as to be lamentable.
- Charles Kennedy

The one thing we can all be sure about in politics is you are as well to expect the unexpected.
- Charles Kennedy

Three simple words - freedom, justice and honesty. These sum up what the Liberal Democrats stand for.
- Charles Kennedy

Yes, you need substance in politics - but I think your style also says something about how you arrive at some of your conclusions.
- Charles Kennedy

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