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Born: February 19, 1858, Near Redwood Falls, Minnesota, United States
Birth Country: USA
Died: Detroit, Michigan, United States, January 8, 1939
Occupation: Author

Friendship is held to be the severest test of character.
- Charles Eastman

In every religion there is an element of the supernatural, varying with the influence of pure reason over its devotees.
- Charles Eastman

More than this, even in those white men who professed religion we found much inconsistency of conduct. They spoke much of spiritual things, while seeking only the material.
- Charles Eastman

That is, we believed, the supreme duty of the parent, who only was permitted to claim in some degree the priestly office and function, since it is his creative and protecting power which alone approaches the solemn function of Deity.
- Charles Eastman

The American Indian was an individualist in religion as in war. He had neither a national army nor an organized church.
- Charles Eastman

The clan is nothing more than a larger family, with its patriarchal chief as the natural head, and the union of several clans by intermarriage and voluntary connection constitutes the tribe.
- Charles Eastman

The religion of the Indian is the last thing about him that the man of another race will ever understand.
- Charles Eastman

There was no religious ceremony connected with marriage among us, while on the other hand the relation between man and woman was regarded as in itself mysterious and holy.
- Charles Eastman

There were no temples or shrines among us save those of nature.
- Charles Eastman

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